This Changes Everything...

In the next 5 minutes, I am going to tell you things that could:

  • Accelerate your growth and help you to release your issues within just minutes of applying the techniques.

  • Open your eyes to negative patterns that are keeping you from the success you deserve.

  • Help you see, why you're still stuck with your issues even after working hard trying to fix them.

How To Release Body Shame, Experience Self Love 
And Break Past Hidden Mental Blocks To Achieve Your Financial Goals...

Within Just 30 Days

Even If Nothing Has Worked For You In The Past

And That’s Not All…

                             Within Just 15 Days... 
You’ll Experience A Sense Of Calmness And Effortless Peace  

Even When Things Are Going Haywire Around You

But First...

Have you ever seen people:


  • Who keep doing affirmations and try positive thinking till they are blue in the face, but somehow they are still unhappy, hate their bodies are frustrated with their lives and fearful of their bank account?

  • Who know all about the different self help techniques available but still aren't able to help themselves?

  • Who seem to be working very hard at work or on their business and yet are unable to feel safe and secure financially?

  • Who are trying very hard but still unable to eat healthy for more than a week, sometimes, they are unable to make healthy choices for more than 2 to 3 days!!

  • Who have body issues that are so bad, they don't want to meet people anymore?

...Can You Answer This For Me?

You see, it’s not that easy. 
It is really tough to break past your habits, blocks and barriers... even if you know the techniques and have worked hard in implementing them.

I know because I have been there!

But hey, let me introduce myself first...

I have struggled with eating disorders, body shame, and self sabotage since I was 4 years old!

I have compared myself to other women I perceived as "better" than myself.

I have spent thousands of dollars on diets, fitness training, and every weight loss, body improvement strategy imaginable, and that just sucks balls!

I have held myself back, trying to be perfect, waiting for "when" I was this or that... and that wasn't working and it was such a waste of time!

I felt like exercise was a form of self punishment, that I had to punish myself because something was "wrong" with me!

I spent YEARS hating my body, hiding, and feeling shame.

and yet I overcame all of that and I discovered the most ideal recipe to shed my shame, step into my power, drop 45lbs, and feel empowered, strong, sassy and sexy! Now I get to rock it and LOVE MY BODY and Love My Life and it just FEELS AMAZING (I even BellyDance in public!)



I am Christi Kendall, Intuitive Healer and 6 Figure Breakthrough Coach who has helped hundreds of women to Love Their Life and Love Their Bank Accounts. 

I help clients by turning their fear, trauma, and pain into motivation and money so they can experience success, permanently.

Yet there was a time in my life when I struggled with eating disorders, body shame, and self sabotaged my success.

None of It was easy.
 In fact, it isn’t easy for anyone.

It takes exceptional will power to keep working on your issues when it seems like nothing is working. 

And even that is not enough.

Because most of us are doing it all wrong.


And Here’s Something You Really Need To Hear...


If Affirmations, Positive Thinking & Other Healing Modalities 
Didn’t Work For You Then…

And that’s why I really need to tell you...

...The 4 Real Reasons Why Nothing Has Worked For You In The Past And How To Accelerate Your Growth Within 30 Days!!

Reason 1 - Stuck doing the same things again and again.

If you have been trying to fix your problems the same way again and again it’s time to change things.
 Just know it’s not the techniques you try but the way you look at the problem.


We can't solve a problem from the same level of thinking we used to create it ~ Albert Einstein

We need to look at our issues from a different perspective!
 The problem is that no matter how hard you try you won't be able to look at it from someone else’s perspective. You are stuck with your point of view.
 That’s the reason people use groups and buddies they can talk to.
 This way they can get the other person’s views and this leads to a shift in perspective.

Reason 3:  Working with a problem on a superficial level

Most of the problems we have, have their roots at a much deeper level than we can imagine.
 When we hate our bodies, anxiety disorders and struggling with our finances, there are a lot more problems than meets our eye. 
We often think just talking about our problems or using affirmations will fix those.

No Way!!

Have you ever tried fixing a fracture with a bandaid?
 Well, that’s exactly what you are doing when you use affirmations and positive thinking to fix deep rooted problems.

To find the root is to find the original cause of the trauma, belief, subconscious program or stuck emotion and once that's addressed and released then the energy centers open up and everything feels better and we get different results in our life. 
I count myself lucky that I have been able to get to the roots of the problem within a few sessions, sometimes on the first session itself. 

My clients say I am naturally gifted and they haven’t had the same results with other coaches and healers.
I think it’s my natural intuition and years of working with clients that help me get to the root quicker.

Sometimes, even this backfires.

Reason 2: Not having an open mind.

Everyone has their own belief system and there are things that are completely unacceptable to what we believe. 
Imagine what would our ancestors do if we told them they could fly in the air or we have equipment that lets us talk and even see people thousands of miles away.
 They’d think we were going nuts.
 Maybe they’d think we were into witchcraft and even burn us at the stakes.
 That’s exactly what happens with us.
 Sometimes, the solution to our problems staring at us and yet we are unable to accept that it’s possible.

The people in your group may not be qualified to help out others or worse, they may have their own issues that they could pass on to you. 
You see, if you spend time with a group of depressed people day in and out, either you’ll soon start to feel the same way or you may just leave the group.

 That’s why it’s always better to have someone qualified to be your buddy, a person who has already helped others to fix their issues.
 You see when a person comes to me with their issues, the first step is to change their perspective.

And since I have been doing it for years, I am able to pinpoint the problem and usually it just takes me a question or two to help them see things from a different perspective and BAM! 
They experience an Instant Shift in energy and the problem heals itself... within minutes.

So, If you are not getting any shifts or Aha! moments with your present attemps then I urge you to start working with us, professionals, and see how it accelerates your growth.
 And if you insist on doing the same things again and again then how can you expect a different result?

Reason 4: Being Cut-off from our bodies-Living in our minds

These days we are all just trapped in our thoughts.
 Wandering around with our cell phones in our hands, completely absorbed into facebook or instagram or whatever your poison is.
 We have forgotten that we have bodies too.
 Our body is not just muscle but an intelligent organism which has a direct relation to our minds and the energy centres.

Would you believe me if I told you that if you were completely aware of your bodies movements throughout the day:

  • It would change your life for the better
  • You’d be much more present to what’s going on around you.
  • Your stress will reduce dramatically...become almost negligible.
  • And most of your deeply rooted problems will come up to the surface to be released.

Just A Warning - You need to be careful about the point I mentioned in my last bullet.
 The deeply rooted problems come up in the form of energy and it may sometimes even overwhelm you in such a way that you’ll experience traumatic emotions that you need support dealing with, and that’s why it’d be wiser if you can do this under a trained professional - one who knows what she is doing otherwise it could turn your life upside down.

This is exactly what why we've created this program for you!

Now, if you try searching for something that could help you overcome the reasons I mentioned above, it’ll be a tough battle.
 We've created a program and process that allows you to overcome these issues, blocks and stuck emotions, to have the support you need and be affordable for you. Private 1 to 1 coaching can cost thousands of dollars. 
Usually you can find programs that deal with the mind aspect, but completely ignores the body which is leaving much to be healed. 
As I mentioned above, our body is an intelligent organism and mind and body are not separate.
 That’s why I feel it is my duty to offer my clients a complete package for body and mind.

This is why I have collaborated  with...

and then I discovered the ideal recipe to truly heal my trauma, fears and addictions, so I could step into my EMPOWERED Goddess self and enjoy a 6 figure income in my business doing what I LOVE every single day! Now I get to live my most FABULOUS and FIT life, empower women around the world and spread joy through my soul purpose. 

...We toss perfection out the window, and let our souls shine BRIGHTLY! 

Founder of Love Your Body Fitness Method, Certified Fitness Trainer, Life-Coach, and Professional Belly Dance Instructor. 

Fiona’s creative, empowering, and healing approach to fitness has put her in high demand. She has been traveling the world, speaking, teaching and facilitating Body Love and Movement for over five years. Her Love Your Body Love Your Life Retreats and Belly Dance experiences have been proclaimed as “transcending our conscious awareness”, “transformational” and “life changing”. 

Her philosophy is that our bodies are meant to move in harmony and that movement is intuitive, there is no “right” way.”

Fiona is quite talented in using body movements and awareness to bring your rooted issues to the surface and I work with my clients to help them release the energy that has come up.

Fiona says... 

I have struggled with depression, anxiety and fear of being my true self since I was 8 years old.

I have spent over $30,000 on a variety of therapists, coaches and self help modalities only to get temporary relief that never solved my real problems and left me feeling defeated, sad, and out of control. 

I have lived on food stamps and in poverty while slaving away at jobs that I hated just to barely get by while feeling exhausted daily. 

I have held myself back from making money doing my passion because I was living with low self esteem, self sabotaging habits and just could not believe I was worthy of it or could even do it! 

I spent years abusing my body with food addictions......and it was sickening and tiring. 

I felt like money was the root of all evil and lived in debt, so I could never have money or save it.....which was like living a depressing rat race! 

Fiona Rose,

So, we are working as a team

To bring to you...

The 12 Week Course

To Love Your Body, Life, and Bank Account

Try it out and watch your life transform.

Experience Permanent healing of your issues - No need to keep working on them.

Experience The Goddess Activation technique and the DNA Activation! 

Here’s What You’ll Find Inside The Course...

  • How to Move and Feel like a Goddess even when everything around you is going topsy turvy.

  • How to Discover A sudden love of exercise – This will work even if you have struggled with self control and will power in the past.

  • Feel a deep Inner Connection with your body and heal your body shame issues once and for all.

  • How to awaken a Strong Sense of Intuition and use it to move towards your life goals.

  • How to feel Sexy, Sassy and Sensual in all aspects of your life - no matter what body type you are.

  • The Goddess Activation technique - Stop your inner critique right in it’s tracks...even if it overpowered you in the past. Use this for 7 days and your inner critique will have no power over you.

  • Use the Shimmy Shimmy process to destroy hidden financial blocks and start attracting money - even in a recession.

  • How to work on your energy patterns and release blockages - some of the clients experience what we call "Money Magic" which are coincidences or insights that moved them closer to their goal or brought them face to face with the man of their dreams...within just days of starting the energy work

  • Chakra Activation Technique - Most of our members started feeling vibrations and experienced shifts in their thought process the first time they used this technique.

  • The DNA ACTIVATION - Be able to use the LIMITLESS wisdom stored in your chakras and DNA and discover how to release it safely and within control.

Cornelia Constantinescu Got her 1st sale for her Private Intensive program, just weeks after joining the love your body program

Client Testimonial: -Mandi Keiser, Restaurant Owner, Cambridge Idaho

"I just wanted to acknowledge the badassery of our leaders brilliance. My income has increased from $1,000 a month when I first began the Love Your Body Love Your Life journey, to over $30K in such a short time! I continue to see the Money Magic as I continue this amazing process, and I am confident in myself as I take on more responsibility with my new restaurant (that I manifested using the Shimmy, Shimmy Money Magic Process!) This journey wasn't easy, but it was simple.

When we set our intention, manifest our desire, do a little Shimmy, and put one foot in front of the other, MIRACLES happen. Thank you Christi and Fiona, I could not have done it without you."

-Cornelia Constantinescu, Life Coach. Bucharest, Romania

"I've gained so much more self respect and confidence, and being comfortable with my femininity and body!" 

- Terri Wade, Business Strategist and Marketing Coach, San Francisco California

"I LOVE this program! It has honestly been life changing for me

I feel like I have really come into my own since doing this program. I have always been really self conscience, low self esteem, and absolutely despised my body/self.  Since doing so his program all of those negative labels I put on myself are gone and I feel so much better, and more confident about myself and my life! 

I LOVE this program, it's been one of the best programs I've done. You have to dig deep but the results are priceless. Thank you for changing my life!" -Kayla Godfrey

"Christi and Fiona have masterfully co-created a safe, warm and welcoming environment for simultaneous uplifting exploration AND deep introspection while giving clear practical applications for healing your own authentic self. 

Once you take this course you will have within you easy access to tools that help you navigate your daily path with the radiance of a shimmy shimmy goddess, in other words with a centered sense of joy and personal power. 

It is a perfect course for those, like me, like us all, who could use a gentle yet permeating boost. Their heart is in it and it shows. Those present and open hearts make it easy to accept the invitation to join them on the journey to physical and spiritual wellness."

-Mia Adams, Actress, Singer, Artist, Early Childhood Educator, Honolulu, Hawaii

"Christi and Fiona, thank you, thank you, thank you, for this amazing program!

Yesterday I had my discovery call with my potential client and I sold my first ever private intensive AND he wants to work with me in my 6-month program as well.

I told him the prices without even blinking. I felt so empowered to provide the services that he needs in his life. I just received the payment AND a friend of his wants to work with me as well." 

Here’s what a few of our clients are saying...

Love Your Body, Love Your Life

12 Week Course To Love Your Body, Life and Bank Account

Total Value $3,494+++

12 Week Group Coaching Program (Value $997)

Here’s a summary of what you can find in the program...

Love Your Life Private Facebook Group (Value $300)

BONUS'S (Value $991)

Weekly Live Group Coaching Calls ($1,200)

Yours For...

*Office Hours


Lifetime Access (Priceless)

and that's not all...

these yummy bonus's...

If you join within the next 7 days, then you get

Free Eating" to tap into your 

teach you how to thrive in the world as 

Meet Mary Knebel. She is a Money Intuitive, and is known as the Moenypreneur. Mary helps strong, spiritual businesswomen take control of their money to take control of their lives. 

This audio bundle is designed to turn you into a MONEY MAGNET, to help you create momentum so you will be open to receiving more money than EVER!

Bonus #1

Value: $297

No matter what you’ve experienced around money in the past, that can all change on a dime (no pun intended) and it is going to change now!

Meet Jen Gilchrist. Jen supports highly sensitive women and heart centered entrepreneurs to gain clarity with their unique spiritual gifts and message, and teaches them strategies that will take their business to next level of visibility, so they make a bigger impact in the world. 

a Highly Sensitive and Empathic Women so that you can use your intuition and spiritual gifts in tangible ways in business and life.   

Join this 3 Week, Mini Course "Fit and

intuition and begin trusting    your gut!

Meet Katherine E. Riley-- a conscious leader in digesting life. She is a digestive specialist and leadership mentor known for helping women release physical or emotional pain to begin living a Fit and Free Lifestyle!      

Bonus #3

Value: $497

Start feeling Fit and Free-- in both your body and lifestyle-- in just three weeks!

The Energetic Mastery digital course is designed to 

Bonus #2

Value: $197

Finding it difficult to decide?

Let me help you choose - You have exactly 2 options:

Option 2: Try out the Love your body program for just 7 days and if you don't feel it’s life transforming, then I insist that you ask for a full refund. If you don't benefit from the program then I really don't want you to lose anything at all.

Option 1: You can go ahead and keep doing whatever you were doing. Keep living the same old life. Keep struggling with your issues and try out the same old techniques again.... and again.... and again!

P.S. Still finding it difficult to decide? Send me an email and let me know about your doubts or queries and I’ll help you with them.

You get access instantly to Love Your Body Love Your Life Group Coaching Program. You will have immediate access to the classroom and Facebook group.


We work with women of ALL levels, from newbies just beginning, women who feel out of shape, to master healers, fitness enthusiasts to professional dancers! All you need in order to get results is to show up, have an open mind, participate, and do the assignments. 




You have 7 days to request a refund if you feel the course isn't a good fit.


This depends on you! In regards to actual content time you can expect to spend between 2 to 4 hours per week, some people spend much more time and others have gotten results with less.

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